Qutarig Zurt

Excerpt from Cracken’s Collection of Crazed Crackpots:

Qutarig Zurt was the first mate of a tourist starliner Chrysanthemum Earlobe, which skirted beautiful nebulae along its route out in the Outer Rim Territories. Then, the Earlobe ran afoul of an uncharted black hole which appeared out of the Laserbagel Nebula 120 light years spinward of Gamorr. The ship along with her crew and passengers were doomed, there was no way for any of them to escape its relentless gravity well.

However, several days later Zurt woke up on a lifepod alone half a light year away from the black hole. With her in the pod was a bloodied force pike affixed with a mysterious red gem which she had never seen before. Unable to recollect her escape from certain death and stuck in a lifepod for 10 days before she was rescued, she came to the conclusion that the black hole was a dark god that allowed her to live.

She now believed that her mission in life was to feed the black hole more souls lest her soul would be reclaimed by the god, which by the way she calls The Insurmountable Ned. She also speaks to Ned via the red gem on her force pike that she named Strabuphyte.

She would get into metaphysical arguments with Strabuphyte for hours and lose. After which we believe she would go out and murder innocents on the streets at night with the force pike.

Over the years she would create small tour companies and lease tour ships from various operators. From our interviews with her, we believe that at least two hundred beings were sent to their deaths into The Insurmountable Ned.

Qutarig Zurt

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