Ghyel System

The third planet of the Ghyel System is a terrestrial-class body orbiting around an orange star in the Ferra system. It is located away from any major hyperlanes.

Ghyel was an Old Republic colony that experienced a cataclysm 600 years ago which destroyed their technology and left them in a pre-industrial age.

The castaway society was led by the Hai Family in Azurite City and eventually developed itself back to the industrial age. 200 years ago, a large pirate fleet stumbled across Ghyel and coveted its rich natural resources. Prince Zalo Hai was ransomed by the pirates and was lost.

The pirates enslaved the planet, but a year later using the pirates own galactic technology, the Ghyel locals ousted the pirates in an armed insurrection. Soon after, with the pirates’ gear, they contacted the Old Republic and rejoined galactic society.

During the Rise of the Galactic Empire, the Ghyel Council is torn between Imperialists, who wish for Ghyel to be officially annexed by the Empire, and the Loyalists, who are the Hai Family and their allies who wish for Ghyel to remain independent.

Recently Prince Zalo Hai returned to Ghyel after being released from a 200-year carbonite hibernation.


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